Client Testimonials

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Dr. John R. Striebel

“Working with Dr. Rob and the ReNue Health team has been life changing. I’ve reached middle age and feel like I’m in my twenties. My strength, endurance, and overall vitality […]

Beth Mann

“I became one of Dr. Rob’s patients about two years ago. I have always had a strong base of positive energy, but with Dr. Rob’s supplemental input, I have a […]

Josie Uzzel

“I struggled for a couple of years trying to find answers to my constant fatigue and general ill feeling. Dr. Rob was the first physician to truly listen to me […]

Todd Howell

“Dr. Rob, I just wanted to send you a photo of me and my wife. What a difference!”

Duane Goodpaster

“I knew it was time to do something when I no longer felt like my old self. I was losing energy and gaining weight in all the wrong places. I […]

Jason Etter

“I was just way too young to be on blood pressure medication and medication for cholesterol. After seeing Dr. Rob I found out I also had metabolic syndrome. My energy […]


I am a nurse and a mother who has been on a mission for several years trying to get my daughter, Elyza, diagnosed and treated correctly, in praying that we […]