• good_fat_1200

A-OK Fats To Benefit Your Health

Patients often ask me which fats are ok for their diet. I like to keep it simple and I have 3 fats that I really like. My body responds well to them, and they are easy to remember. A-OK, avocados, [...]

  • Beat-Seasonal-Allergies

How To Beat Spring Time Allergies

Itchy eyes, runny nose, feeling like you can't breathe? You are not alone! When springtime arrives, so do the allergens in the air. It can be difficult to catch a break from all the effects we experience from pollen, [...]

  • cell_vessicle_exosome

What are Exosomes?

Why are Exosomes are the next evolution in Stem Cell technology? Exosomes excel over other therapies to heal joint injuries, arthritis, correct erectile dysfunction and more! Exosomes have an endosomal origin and are released by many different cell types, participating [...]

  • estrogen-diagram

Why Do Men Need Estrogen?

Why do men need Estrogen? Many reasons, including cardiovascular health, keeping cholesterol in check, and bone health. In this short but informative podcast with Jay Campbell, we cover the reasons men need Estrogen as much as women. https://youtu.be/gxjIZqXMhdw

  • viara

What to do when the little blue pill doesn’t work

It’s 2018, and the word impotence has been replaced by Erectile Dysfunction. And, men are more open to talking about it. The increase in popularity of PDE5 inhibitors like Viagra and Cialis have made them a household name. Trouble is, [...]

  • veteran-studying

Grow with Google – A Resource For Veterans

Grow with Google is an initiative to create economic opportunities for Veterans to help them access the best of Google’s training and tools to grow their skills, careers, and businesses. "For military service personnel, transitioning to civilian life can be [...]

  • The TOT Doctors Roundtable Podcast

The TOT Doctors Roundtable Podcast

The most recent podcast is up!! In this show, Jay Campbell, Jim Brown, Dr. Keith Nichols and I had an amazing conversation, discussing the following: Why TRT prescribing is declining in the USA Different ways to optimize Testosterone Estrogen - [...]

  • How-Hormones-Affect-Mental-Health

How Hormones Affect Mental Health

You've likely heard of our neurotransmitters like serotonin, norepinephrine and dopamine. Did you know they are hormones, and what their effect is on our mental health? When they are not at proper levels, we may feel anxious, depressed, unfocused and tired. Hormones [...]

  • sports_drinks

Do It Yourself Super Sports Drinks

One of the most misleading industries is the Sports Drink Industry. The purpose of a sports drink is to replenish the electrolytes that can be lost during either intense or endurance training. However, as much as we may like to [...]