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Dr. Rob Kominiarek D.O., FACOFP is a board certified, Fellow of the American College of Osteopathic Family Physicians with advanced certification in Age Management Medicine and BioIdentical Hormone Replacement Therapy.

Dr. Rob Kominiarek D.O., FACOFP is the medical director of ReNue Health®. He is a graduate of the Nova-Southeastern University, College of Osteopathic Medicine in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. He completed his residency training at Ohio University, Grandview Hospital and Medical Center in Dayton, Ohio. He is a medical advisor and director to emergency medical services, police departments and radio and television shows across the country. Dr. Rob is a veteran of the United States Army and is a bestselling author with a passion directed towards overall health of the mind and body thru proper eating habits, regular exercise, appropriate supplementation, and the intelligent optimization of hormones when clinically indicated.

Dr Rob

Dr. Rob Kominiarek D.O., FACOFP received his certification in Age Management Medicine with the nationally renowned Cenegenics Education and Research Foundation (CERF) and the Foundation for Care Management in Las Vegas, Nevada. The Foundation for Care Management is accredited with honors by seven sponsoring organizations including the American Medical Association and American Board of Medical Specialties.

Dr. Rob is an avid athlete who enjoys cycling, swimming, triathlons, soccer, tennis, soaring, skiing Utah, Italian motorcycles, and automobile racing. He is a dedicated father who believes in practicing what he preaches, and as such lives a lifestyle dedicated towards healthy living and regular exercise.

Optimum health is no accident. It is the reward for taking a preventative and proactive approach towards your personal health. We at ReNue Health® have assembled some of the most advanced, comprehensive services available today and a responsive, dedicated staff who understand your goals and needs. You deserve nothing less. I have no financial conflicts of interest or ties to any pharmaceutical company. My only objective is determining the most effective, safest therapy for my patients. My mission is to engage my patients in the active pursuit of optimal health and to provide personalized superior care with an emphasis on preventive medicine, hormone optimization, and healthy aging.

~ Dr. Rob


In designing the ReNue Health treatment program specifically for you, Dr. Rob strives to establish a hierarchy of therapies, which provide the most efficacies with the least side effects. First and foremost, it is important to assess your baseline metabolic and physiologic needs. This is accomplished with an intensive array of laboratory and diagnostic tests performed in the comfort and privacy of our elite institute. We take a scientific, step wise approach to address your specific health needs.

Secondly, exercise as a therapy, can have profound positive effects on every aspect of metabolism. Regular, meaningful exercise is the most powerful anti-aging prescription. Various forms of exercise have been effectively used for such conditions as depression, diabetes, obesity, anxiety, heart disease, asthma, arthritis, and low testosterone. We build a highly efficient and effective exercise program specifically for you to meet your goals and needs. Surprisingly to many, you will be exercising less and making substantial gains quickly all while increasing the quality and longevity of your health span.

If a condition is long-standing or if the person has suffered some damage to the body, healthy nutrition and exercise are in order but the individual often requires more aggressive therapy. This is where the addition of tailored vitamins, minerals and intelligent hormone optimization play a pivotal role in correcting deficient or excess hormones. For more severe problems or those, which do not respond to nonprescription therapy, then we bring in prescription pharmaceuticals. We strive to temper the therapy to the severity of the problem.


You will be pleasantly surprised to find that Dr. Rob treats you as a whole person rather than a collection of symptoms. First and foremost he carefully listens to your story. What medications are you taking? What kinds of foods do you eat? Do you exercise? How does your lifestyle and stress level affect the symptoms you are having?

Prior to your ReNue Health Evaluation, you will be asked to visit one of our nationwide patient service centers for blood testing so that these results are available when you consult with him. Patients who see Dr. Rob should understand that this is a very comprehensive battery of tests. Laboratory testing includes measurement of all major hormones and various risk factors associated with heart disease, strokes, diabetes and other chronic illness. Second, you will undergo some of the most advanced comprehensive diagnostics in the comfort and privacy of the institute that will further elucidate your complete health profile.

At your ReNue Health Evaluation with Dr. Rob and his team you will undergo a thorough medical evaluation with a detailed history and physical, extensive diagnostic testing, nutrition consultation, exercise consultation, fitness and flexibility evaluation, a detailed review of your laboratory results and diagnostic tests. Please allow ample time for this visit. This process enables Dr. Rob to create your personalized prevention program and monitor your response to hormonal and nutritional supplements. Additional tests may be done if he uncovers occult medical problems that need to be evaluated. Thereafter, at your 3 month, 6 month, and 9 month follow-up visits, Dr. Rob monitors your personal program. Do you feel more energetic? Has your memory improved? Are you sleeping better? Has your libido improved? Have you lost weight? Are you reclaiming your personal health status? Necessary adjustments are made to create a customized program that meets your unique needs. You receive this expert, personalized attention from Dr. Rob and his team for an entire year. Dr. Rob and his team of professionals strive to create a personalized experience restoring the doctor-patient relationship in this superlative concierge medical institute.

Because Dr. Rob is a board certified family physician, he is qualified to treat you for most outpatient chronic medical problems. Because he is a proponent of natural medicine, he will often choose dietary modification, lifestyle changes, or nutritional supplements before he prescribes prescription medications. Of course, this depends on the severity of the problem. Serious problems often mandate prescription medications but many milder conditions can be effectively treated with safer natural medicines and supplements. He believes in giving his patients a full range of options for therapy. Whatever therapy is offered is always made with the express approval and understanding of each patient.

Another difference that you will find in your membership at ReNue Health and with Dr. Rob is that he is a great proponent of patient education and involvement. He believes that in order for you to be your personal best  you must understand your personal program. He never talks over your head and he goes to great lengths to ensure that you have a good understanding of your problems and workable solutions to achieve your health goals. To get the maximal benefit from a prevention program, you need to be fully informed and engaged in the process.

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