It’s difficult to resist all the temptation around during the holidays. The combination of food, deserts, alcohol and inactivity is more common as the days get colder and the party invites keep coming. A little here, a little there… pretty soon it adds up to some extra pounds of body fat. As we age, it becomes harder to get rid of that body fat and increases our risk for many age related diseases.

Add in declining hormones and you have the perfect storm for increased fatigue, continued weight gain and myriad symptoms from age related physical decline.

Learn why obesity is the #1 reason for Low Testosterone

Tips to stay leaner during the holidays, and each day thereafter:

• Energize your morning: Wake up, exercise and eat a balanced breakfast
• Be picky about the foods you eat: Make good choices, avoid sugar and processed foods
• Graze throughout the day: Eat small meals, preferably healthful foods
• Add in an extra workout: A walk or short trip to the gym
• Drink more liquid: Water or vegetable juice are best. Avoid soda and fruit juices
• 1 minute willpower: Change you thoughts for one minute to overcome cravings
• Eat water rich foods: Leafy green vegetables & lower glycemic fruits like apples

Dr. Rob offers some simple advice to help you through this time of overindulging.

These are things we should be doing on a daily basis. While they help, there is a way to get the extra edge as we age.

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