I am a nurse and a mother who has been on a mission for several years trying to get my daughter, Elyza, diagnosed and treated correctly, in praying that we could give her somewhat of her life back. Elyza was misdiagnosed several times and put on some pretty “harsh” medications. It seemed like every doctor she saw wanted to treat her symptoms but not give us answers on why she was having all of these debilitating symptoms. She was put on steroids, beta blockers, antithyroid medication and was being told she needed to start anti-depressants. No one was understanding how bad Elyza was suffering on a daily basis. She had missed her entire 6th grade year of school and has not started her 7th grade year of school. If we had only met Dr. Rob sooner, it would have saved Elyza from many unnecessary testing and removal of her thyroid and vocal cord paralysis from surgery. Let me start from the beginning.

Elyza was a very sick girl since the age of 9. She was suffering from hyperthyroidism, hypothyroidism, unexplained tachycardia, joint pain, headaches, nausea, dizziness, severe fatigue, abdominal pain, insomnia, shortness of breath, low blood pressure, heat intolerance and several other things. We were told she had everything from constipation to Graves Disease when in fact she was suffering from Hashimoto’s Disease and POTS (Post Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome). We traveled to several different children’s hospitals, to Dallas, TX from Ohio, twice in a 6 month period, and Elyza still wasn’t getting much better. I just kept feeling like we were still missing something on her. Everything we were doing was not working the way I would have hoped and she just seemed like she was taking more steps backwards than forwards.

Lori Stoneman, a close friend of mine, read something about Dr. Rob on the internet and forwarded me his information. I looked into his services and spoke with him several times on the phone. Here is a physician, who has not asked me for a dime, and was taking time out of his day to talk to me about my daughter. After a few months of speaking with him, I loaded my daughter up once again and we left our family behind and traveled 4 hours to go see him. We spent every morning with Dr. Rob for one week. We discussed so many things and Dr. Rob was very thorough in all of his testing. We finally got those missing answers that we needed; one of the biggest answers was that my daughter was allergic to a lot of things. Dr. Rob ran a certain blood test that provided us with these answers. Here this whole time in trying to get her better, it didn’t matter, because she was eating and drinking poison every day of her life. She was positive for a gluten/wheat/dairy/yeast allergy and several other things. At the age of 10, Elyza underwent a colonoscopy/EGD biopsy and we were told she did not have a gluten allergy, when in reality she does. Dr. Rob also got Elyza’s thyroid functioning by recognizing that her body was not converting T4 into T3 because she was on the wrong medication. Dr. Rob got her on the right medication and her symptoms are starting to disappear.

Since we have learned all of these “new” things and made changes in her diet, Elyza has lost over 10 pounds in a month (she had gained over 40 pounds in a year when other physicians had her on blood pressure medication, steroids and high doses of salt). She is finally getting up in the morning like a normal person and she is not complaining of not feeling good or being in severe pain every day. Her mind is also functioning and thinking more clearly. She is slowly getting her energy back.

I am so grateful that Dr. Rob looked at the whole picture in regards to her health. He looked at everything that was going on with Elyza and he looked at all of her symptoms and addressed them. I am so glad we made the decision to go see Dr. Rob and make that 4 hour trip.

If you are sick and not feeling good and not getting the answers you are looking for by your physician, most likely you are getting the wrong answers. I suggest you make a trip to go see Dr. Rob too. It will be worth your time and money or better yet getting your quality of life back.