Your skin cells are constantly turning over and undergoing repair. This remodeling, correcting, and regenerating requires multiple cellular processes to work. That’s where ONTOGENY C comes in. Their scientists carefully culture human stem cells and then capture their potent factors — all in an effort to help your skin replace and boost the factors that decrease with age, helping prevent and fight the visible signs of aging.

​As you age, your skin produces less cytokines and growth factors, and therefore less of the important rejuvenating components your skin needs to maintain its appearance. ONTOGENY C scientists have developed a process to isolate these potent rejuvenating factors from human stem cells. By resupplying your skin with these powerful missing factors, ONTOGENY C promotes cell renewal, boosts the production of collagen and elastin, restores aging cells, and, ultimately, provides you with more youthful looking skin.

  • Formulated with human stem cell derived growth factors, polypeptide complexes, and cytokines, the solution provides amazing results.
  • Packed with a powerful amount of human stem cell growth factors and copper peptides.
  • A breakthrough blend of regenerative cytokines, polypep-tide complexes, and potent human GFs.

ONTOGENY C Product Line


Specifically formulated to target overall condition of scalp and damaged hair follicles.

Instructions: Massage into damp hair and rinse thoroughly.  Use product in place of your current shampoo.


Specifically formulated to target the eye area.  Growth Factors derived from human stem cells
and powered by essential vitamins and nourishing peptides.

Instructions:Apply daily to dry, freshly cleaned skin around the eye area.  Follow up with regular skincare


Specifically formulated to target the facial area.  Growth Factors derived from human stem cells
and powered by essential vitamins and nourishing peptides.

Instructions: Apply to dry, freshly cleansed skin a.m.- p.m. application is optional.  Follow up with regular skincare regimen.


Suitable for sensitive skin, this advanced treatment serum helps to nourish dull, dry skin with hyaluronic acid, copper peptides, and stem cell derived growth factors.

Presents a safe alternative to other popular post procedural treatment serums that may cause allergic reactions, skin sensitivity, or inflammation.


Dr. Rob Kominiarek of Renue Health is a licensed provider of the trademark Vampire® and Rejuvapen Micro Needling procedures

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