Vampire PRP Treatments

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To have more sex in your life, put more life into your sex!

What we are talking about here is the life force of all sexual beings: Your blood!

More specifically, the Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) in your blood.

Dr. Rob and the Renue Health Team now offer the revolutionary Vampire® procedures created by Dr. Charles Runels! Whether you want to increase sexual performance or look younger, we have a PRP treatment for you.

O-Shot For Women

The O-Shot® is a revolutionary approach to improve sexual relations and urinary incontinence. The results of this safe, non-surgical 20-minute procedure are dramatic and long lasting. *Women report significant improvement in stimulation, sensitivity, arousal, and sex drive. Problems related to leaky bladders often resolve. Learn More About The O-Shot

Priapus Shot® (P-Shot®)

A specific way of using blood-derived growth factors to rejuvenate the penis. It is a breakthrough, clinically-proven, safe and effective procedure to help you *increase penis size, sexual performance and overall sexual wellness, without the use of any drugs or surgery.Learn More About The P-Shot

Peyronie’s Disease Treatment Using PRP

Peyronie’s disease is a curvature of the penis caused by scar tissue on one side of the penis. This condition can affect a man at any age. The causes of Peyronie’s vary, yet are not always known. Trauma to the penis, which causes internal bleeding and scar (or plaque) formation is the most common cause; however, the trauma can be very mild and go unnoticed at the time. Other theories involve a genetic risk.Learn More About The P-Shot

If you want to improve your appearance or restore your youthful glow, we have a Vampire Treatment for that!

Vampire Hair Regrowth

Are you experiencing thinning hair and don’t know why? 40% of women experience hair loss by age 40! 85% of men have visible hair loss by age 50. Not all hair thinning is a caused aging, we are seeing more hair loss in women in their 20’s and 30’s than ever before.Learn More About PRP Hair Regrowth

Vampire Breast Lift

Do You Show Any of These Signs of an Aging Breast such as: Skin color has become grayer because of less blood flow, shape of the breast has collapsed and become droopy, or sensation has decreased due to breast feeding, implants, other surgery, or age? These can all be corrected with a Vampire Breast Lift. Learn More About The Vampire Breast Lift

Vampire Facial and Face Lift

Do You Show Any of These Signs of an Aging such as: Skin color has become grayer because of less blood flow, fine vertical lines around the mouth, scars from acne, trauma, or chicken pox, or skin texture has become less smooth? These can all be corrected with a Vampire Facial or Vampire Facelift.

Dr. Rob Kominiarek of Renue Health is a licensed provider of the trademark Vampire® procedures and The GAINSWave™ Procedure

*Results and patient experience may vary.

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