With all the great food and drink at Oktoberfest, how do you enjoy the festival without wrecking your health and fitness goals?

These practices are simple and easy to follow, and apply to enjoying yourself at any festival. Especially if you’re over 30, we don’t recover like we used to from a night of partying.

  • Go grilled – this is a clean eating option vs. the fried foods, sweets and heavy sauces.
  • Stay hydrated – for every alcohol drink, have a bottle of water. Try to limit your beer or wine to 2-3 total.
  • Move around – you will feel better, plus you can check out all the sites, vendors and attractions!
  • Limit the deserts – have small amounts or split it with friends. There is no need to eat 1000 calories in one sitting ;)

As always, moderation is key to feeling guilt free!

Dr. Rob gives these great tips and more in his video below.


How about the day after?

Hangovers suck! Luckily if you overdo it, there are some ways to help you feel better.

  • Hydrate – drink plenty of water to flush out anything you may have overindulged in.
  • Move around – light exercise helps the body gets rid of toxins faster.
  • Eat several light, balanced meals – this helps balance blood sugars that have dropped after.
  • Take your B Vitamins to help replenish and support your detoxification system.

Dr. Rob offers tips to help with a hangover in the video below:


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These are things we should be doing on a daily basis.

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