• Treating Joint Injuries With PRP Podcast

Treating Joint Injuries With PRP Podcast

Recently, I sat down with Jay Campbell to discuss the many ways we can heal the body through the use of PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma), Stem Cells, and Peptides. All of these are naturally present in the body, and with [...]

  • Brett Favre Opens Up About His Traumatic Brain Injuries

Brett Favre Opens Up About His Traumatic Brain Injuries

Last week, Brett Favre spoke with Megyn Kelly about the state of his mental health today after receiving many concussions over his two decades of playing football. In the interview, Brett describes his cognitive decline, something he thought would never [...]

  • Is Emotional Eating Sabotaging Your Weight Loss Goals?

Is Emotional Eating Sabotaging Your Weight Loss Goals?

Food has such a powerful place in all of our lives. It’s how we bond with our families as we grow. Food has very powerful cultural and ethnic roots in all our societies. It’s there when we celebrate and it’s [...]

  • Podcast with Jay Campbell 3-7-18

Podcast with Jay Campbell 3-7-18

The most recent podcast is up!! In this show, Jay Campbell, Joshua Smith, Daniel Kelly and I had an amazing conversation. You can find Jay Campbell online through his site TRT Revolution and see more videos on his TRT YouTube channel. In [...]

  • endocrine_disruptors

Trouble Losing Weight? It Could Be EDC’s

Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals, or EDC's are all around us! Why should we be concerned? Because, the average person has over 200 foreign chemicals in their body at any time. These chemicals disrupt the normal function of neurotransmitters, hormone triggers and [...]

  • new_year_resolutions

New Year, New You?

We've heard that many times, yet a "New You" sounds a little overwhelming. A better way to think about it is an "Improved" version of yourself. After all, it's the moments that led up to now which made you who [...]

  • lipoprofile-risk-diagram

Is All Cholesterol Bad?

It may surprise you to know that cholesterol itself isn’t bad. In fact, cholesterol is just one of the many substances created and used by our bodies to keep us healthy. In this article we have steps to give you [...]

  • bhrt-men-hormone-optimization

The End Game of Hormone Optimization

The goal of the hormone optimization is to improve one’s quality of life and to create an internal healthy environment that provides the lowest possible risk for the various diseases associated with aging and declining hormones. This is accomplished through [...]

  • Penis-Pills-1024x577

The Dangers Of Gas Station Viagra

Male sexual enhancement is a widely used term, covering everything from libido to Erectile Dysfunction, even increases in size. The multi Billion dollar market of little blue pills like Viagra and supplements is an overwhelming indicator that men desire the [...]