We’ve heard that many times, yet a “New You” sounds a little overwhelming. A better way to think about it is an “Improved” version of yourself. After all, it’s the moments that led up to now which made you who you are! Embrace the person you see in the mirror, knowing you can always get a little better everyday with some good habits.

Check out this video where Dr. Rob offers simple tips to help you succeed in your goals this new year

Tips to start this new year off right:

Determine what you want

Choosing something that has a lot of emotion tied to it gives you a greater chance of taking action on that goal.

Pick the change that’s right for you

Each goal should be your own. Any change to better yourself should be for you.

Create a plan

Creating an organized and specific plan will help you reach your goals easier than stating the goal, then working on it with no plan to guide you.

Change one habit at a time

We all heard of going “cold turkey”, but are you able to drop all bad habits at once? Try changing one at a time to make the transition easier and have a greater chance of becoming a new habit.

Start small

Similar to slow and steady habit changing, starting small is a great way to improve your chances of success.

Improving our lives in all areas is a human trait that we all share. Sometimes we get sidetracked or completely derailed, but surrounding yourself with the right influences can ensure a greater chance of success in everything we do.


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These are things we should be doing on a daily basis.

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