The most recent podcast is up!! In this show, Jay Campbell, Joshua Smith, Daniel Kelly and I had an amazing conversation. You can find Jay Campbell online through his site TRT Revolution and see more videos on his TRT YouTube channel.

In this episode, we discussed the following:

  • Preventing Pituitary insult
  • Disruptive Aging
  • Questions and Answers

Check it out and I guarantee you will learn a lot! 


The things we discussed in the video are just a few pieces of the overall picture. Regardless, the elements of Age management apply to us all. Living with vitality from youth into our later years is possible with the right treatment plan.

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These are things we should be doing on a daily basis.

While they help, there is a way to get the extra edge as we age. Learn how to start regaining your vitality with a free download of Dr. Rob’s book on Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy. Inside you will find the many benefits of BHRT and how to decrease your chances for age related diseases.

You can also contact our office at 937-350-5527 today to speak to us about the many benefits of Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy. No matter what your age or symptoms, we can help you feel like your former self by reclaiming your peak health through Predictive, Preventative and Proactive Precision Medicine!